Sunday, January 30, 2011


I went to the zoo yesterday with my favorite people...

I saw a lot of animals...

My friend, the creepy owl...

This is a lizard, not a snake.  Cool, huh?  I learned something!

Some had incredible senses of fashion...

Including Emily's friend Madison, who had amazing shoes.  

I especially liked hanging out with my cousin Aubrey, who is obsessed with all things that possess giblets.  

I worry sometimes, though, that she will break the glass cages and devour the poor rodents within.

"In order to think predator, you gotta be predator." 

Listening to:  School House Rock
Things Going on Today:  Dinner at Academy Arms 1, Game night in Academy Arms 12 and 13, church
Blessings:  A torn up knee.  I don't have to work tomorrow!

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