Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I know it's only 1/11/11, but I'm already excited for Valentine's Day.

Today I was walking home with my roommate Emily, talking about boys. Then, out of nowhere, I hear a man's voice call my name behind me. I FREAKED OUT. I let out a blood-curdling scream and jumped ten feet into the air. Turns out it was only Nate telling me how cute it was seeing me with Mark yesterday. Thanks Nate.

Blessings: Sock monkey bedsheets, free food because it's someone's birthday, and not having to work because it's too cold to move.
Listening to: Nothing at the moment, but my recent masterpiece, "I'm Not a Number," is running through my head at the moment.
Things That Went On Today: Work, class, Caitlyn's birthday dinner (lasagna and garlic bread... and I got to take home the leftovers! I love family.)

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