Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dear Ophelia, you are Really A....

I think I have the Ophelia complex. I want other people to make decisions for me and I always assume people are all right and that there's nothing wrong when there actually is a lot wrong. I linger in ignorance and I wish for it to STOP!!!

Get me to a nunnery!!!

Oh! And I found out we're doing a VIJAY SINGH number in Choir!! I am SOOOO EXCITED!!! I got to work with him for MN All-State Choir two years ago and that was probably the most epic musical experience I've ever had. My favorite song of all time is his composition using the words to Petrarch's Sonnet, "Tutto 'l di Piango."
Now, we're doing a song called "Carpenters of God." My roommate Emily can tell you that I FREAKED OUT when I saw his name on that sheet of music today. Awww man, I wish he knew how much he has done for me as an artist. Well, this post is dedicated to him.

Listening to: Hungry Hungry Tippies (Do you like to food?)
Things Going on Today: Classes with Emily, I win a game of hearts, Aubrey's Birthday
Blessings: Boyfriends and cold weather.

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