Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Day to Remember

I can't figure out which day is the day I should mark as the anniversary of my relationship with Mark. Is it Sunday, the 9th, when we held hands for the first time? Or is it Monday the 10th, when we showed the world that we were dating? Or is it Tuesday the 11th, when we talked about it?
I'll just say it's the 11th. My cousin's birthday is also that day, so it's already an easy day to remember.
That means February 11th will be our month-a-versary (if we ever bother to celebrate it) and then three days later it's Valentine's Day. Oh, how fun! I like having a boyfriend!

Listening to: Stars "The Comeback"
Blessings: Free food and root beer.
Things going on today: Some Visiting Teaching Workshop which is taking place at my house. No homework.

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