Thursday, January 27, 2011

I do believe in Fairies...

I saw BYU's version of the musical Peter Pan last night and it was pretty incredible...

Never before have I witnessed so much pure, raw ENERGY in such a short given time.  Seriously.  There wasn't a moment of rest during this show.  Someone was always jumping, tumbling, screaming, laughing, flying, dancing, or posing in some wacky position.  How do MDT majors do it?

I especially was impressed with this little lady here -- Bronwyn Tarbaton.  She completely stole the show.  She had the cutest little accent and was always so alive!  I was just about convinced she actually was a little boy for a while, she played the part so well.  Probably the most moving part was that classic scene when Tinkerbell's light is about to go out for good.  Tarbaton stood up, turned to the audience, and after a pregnant pause, she whispered, "Do you believe in fairies?"  All the children in the audience -- and my friend Courtney, who accompanied me -- screamed YES!!!!  And then we all clapped our hands.  For a moment, I actually did believe in fairies.  I think deep down I always have.

I also was very impressed by Captain Hook....

He's the one who reminded me most of the Mary Martin film version (the Hook played by Cyril Ritchard) that I grew up watching... Ours was a little more flamboyant, but definitely a pleasure to watch.  Captain Hook is always the favorite character.

My favorite part of that 1960 NBC version was the Indians...

Which reminds me, in a weird way, of the Najinsky Revival of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring...

...which has a very high billing on my "Things that Are Creepy" list.  Watch Part 3 as well, if you dare.  Seriously, that's worse than any modern horror movie I have ever seen.

But anyway, back to Peter Pan...  Yeah, I've grown up with this musical.  I think Mary Martin is a great Peter Pan (not as crazy as Tarbaton, but very youthful and a great voice!) and the music is whimsical and carefree.

In our Program, there was a little snippet about Neverland that I found rather interesting.  It said Neverland was like the Garden of Eden, and Peter Pan and Wendy were like Adam and Eve.  I don't see the story of a boy who never grew up as biblical allegory at all, like it said, but I do sort of see a moral application to the play.  Yes, we'd all like to stay young forever, with little care or worry about the future and about death and responsibility.  But we, like Wendy, must grow up.  It's part of our eternal plan for happiness.  This doesn't mean, however, that we can't enjoy ourselves while doing it!  I think all of us need a break once in a while -- a vacation to Neverland, you might say.  We need a chance to bring out the kid in all of us.  Play with our children, dance when no one's watching, eat candy, and let out a good laugh. After all, didn't God tell us to become as little children?
Most of all, we need to simply think more happy thoughts.  We don't need the extra Pixie Dust to send us off into a world of magic and music and joy.  We just need a happy thought, and the world around us becomes a Neverland.   This production was surely a vacation to Neverland for me.  It was a blast of music, color, and fun.  

It might be miles beyond the moon
Or right there where you stand!
Just keep an open mind
And then suddenly you'll find

Listening to:  "I'm Flying!"
Things Going On Today:  100% on Book of Mormon quiz, I stabbed one of my bosses in the hand with my fingernail during a game of Egyptian Rat Screw and drew blood.
Blessings:  Mary Martin's voice, free food at Dinner Group.  I'm off!!

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