Saturday, January 8, 2011

Okay. Let's try again...

So I've been blogging for a really long time. I have six or seven of them under my belt already. But with this new year (2011), I've spent some time contemplating on ways I could simplify my life, reach my goals, and simply enjoy my time on this earth more. The conclusion I came to was simple: I need to compact my digital life. Facebook, twitter, tumblr, email... and 7 blogs? It's been very complicated, confusing, and time-consuming. I had a blog for this, a blog for that, a blog about fashion, a blog about movies, a blog about me -- you get the idea. Without thinking, I could spend countless hours on these blogs, assuming that all were created equally and needed adequate shares of "posting love" every now and again. Well that mindset has changed, and here I am, consolidating all of those cool things together onto one ultra-blog. The blog completely about me and what I value. Other blogs will be put on the back-burner, occasionally browsed in search of gems but never again updated.
Why the title, you ask? I'll answer with a little mantra used by my friend Elder Anderson: "It seemed like a good idea at the time." Rainbows are fun. What the heck.

P.S. I've conglomerated my blogs on this one. Almost every entry I have ever posted has now been imported onto this blog. I think I will slowly work my way through those and post things I think should be kept. Then I will delete those blogs completely when finished and voila! Simplified life!

Blessings: Free broccoli from the ward, Book on Tape Worm practices in my living room, and having taken Music 202 last year so Art History 202 is that much easier.
Listening to: A mix of Parachute's "She Is Love" and Book On Tape Worm's "Pianocide." (BoTW is practicing just a few rooms away and I can hear them from here.)
Things Going on Today: Book On Tape Worm show tonight. It's a slumber party theme and I'm wearing my pajamas.

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