Wednesday, September 29, 2010


My head is going to eplode.

I have to bike sixteen blocks to get to work every morning at 8. This is going to kill me.
It had better be a fun job once I get there.

In other news:
Sociology paper: 3/10 sources, 6/7 pages, six days to go. I can do it, I think. I just gotta spend all night tonight and friday finding those other sources.

Sociology Service Hours: None.

Humanities Test: Next Saturday.

ASL Video: This weekend it will happen.

Things going on today: I go check out where I'm going to work and get the lowdown on what I'm actually doing in this job. Institute? Probably not.
Blessings: I have THIS morning...
Listening to: Justin Bieber, "Baby" (Because it is a good song.)

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