Friday, October 1, 2010

31 DAYS OF BLOGGING: Day 1: NaBloPoMo, Sprinklers, and WORK

I don't know if it's the official month for blogging, but Emily and I decided that October is as good a month as any to blog and blog and blog. I don't know what the true standard is for "a satisfactory post" so I've decided that it needs to be more than twenty lines (as I'm posting it... so now this makes four lines..) long.
... And that does not include my blessings/ listening to/ things going on today thingy at the bottom.


...(Unless there's a meaningful reason.)

So for today. Second day of work. I've decided some of my male coworkers are worth checking for wedding rings -- and none of them have any. I've also decided that everyone there is very nice, including the scary boss. I've decided I am on his good side. I just need to stay there.
Have I told you about work yet? It's the most physically taxing job I've ever had. I work grounds up at Y-Mount Terrace, which is a thirty-minute walk. Fortunately, my boss said he would let me hitch a ride up if I showed up at the grounds office promptly at 8. That is MUCH closer to my house.
Another nice thing my boss has let me do is get off early on Mondays so I can go to my voice lesson at 11:30. He let's me miss a whole HOUR of work. That gives me extra time on Monday after voice to get stuff done! Success!!
I don't know what all the jobs are, but I do know some: mowing, edging, weeding, blowing leaves, raking leaves, sucking leaves up, and eventually shoveling snow at three o'clock in the morning.
Am I nervous? Yes. Can I do it? DOUBLE YES. For some reason this job has boosted my confidence about a hundred notches, even though I don't know how anything works and I'm a total weakling and I now have to get up every morning at 7. I don't quit know why I feel so good. Perhaps it's the satisfaction that comes from good, hard work. Perhaps it's the fact that my life now has fit itself into a routine. Perhaps it's the good people I work with. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps. All I know is I feel great. I probably shouldn't question it.

I also have one more story to tell you. I want to tell this story here because I don't think it's worth writing down in my actual hand-written journal, but I want to remember it anyway. Today, after work, I meet up with Emily on campus for lunch. She got a nice tomato bisque and I indulged in a Jamba Juice (hey, I'm making money now! I can afford a bit of indulgence from time to time!). We decide to go outside to eat and talk boys and relax a bit before class. We had been sitting there only for a few short minutes before we noticed that people were hurriedly getting up and moving off the little hill we were on. By the time we figured out why, it was too late. The sprinklers came on.
Turns out the groundspeople were checking all the sprinklers, so they were just turning them on for about a minute, then turning them off, moving to the next sprinkler spot. But Emily and I were there at just the wrong moment, and suddenly we were getting attacked by sprinkler-spray. It was awful. Our books, our clothes, our hair, Emily's bio poster that was due today... All were drenched. And poor Emily had worked so hard on that project the night before. I haven't seen her since then, but I hope her teacher was forgiving at the fact that her poster was completely smeared. She was wearing a white T-shirt that day, too, and some of the marker from the poster stained it.
I AM SO MAD AT THOSE GROUNDSPEOPLE. We, as students, had every right to be on that hill. Yes, I know, they were just doing their job, but part of that job is to be considerate to those who use your services! (I'm a groundsperson myself, I should know!) You have to make sure no one is still on the hill when you turn the sprinklers on. Our backs were to the crewmembers; we couldn't see them! Someone could have at least come up, tapped us on the shoulder, and said, "You gotta move!" No one did that. Instead, Emily and I were embarrassed out of our brains as we scrambled to get off the hill while getting soaked from all sides by relentless sprinklers right in front of the Scottish club! I could hear them gfawing at us. And that's not even considering poor Emily's project or clothes or food.
Fortunately, we were together when it happened. Looking back on it, it was a rather funny experience that I shared with a friend. I hope I don't forget that.

Listening to: Nothing at the moment, but I was listening to "Shame" by Matchbox 20 on my way home a few minutes ago.
Things going on today: Work! Dinner with Grandma D, Aubrey, and Riley. Also I'm spending all night writing my sociology research paper
Blessings: Work (yes, work), the miracle that is the extended deadline of my sociology paper, and Grandmothers who buy you food.

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