Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So my 31-day committment to blogging FAILED MISERABLY.

I blame google.

Two nights ago, I WANTED to blog! I really did! I got on the computer, clicked the blogger icon and... nothing. "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage." I tried again. Nope. Tried hitting some other links. They all worked... at least until I clicked on YouTube. YouTube wasn't working either! Then I tried looking up something on Google... and THAT failed.

So anything attatched to google was down in my neighborhood for about an hour. It was within that hour when I got preoccupied with about a hundred other things I had to do, so I never got around to posting a blog entry that day.
I guess I COULD HAVE started up again the following morning when google was back in business, but you know how it goes. Once you stop, there's little to motivate you to keep going. What's the point in having a 31-days-of-blogging marathon if you can't even get past 3 days??

So, proof of my laziness right here, but I still blame google.

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