Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Something worth documenting...

So today at work something very funny happened at my expense, but even I am still laughing about it because I'm sure it was the funniest thing ever to those who were watching.
Today at work, we went down to 3's and do some raking. We had been raking all the cold morning, and we had returned to the shed for a short break before going back down and finishing our work. Once the break was over, we returned to the truck and prepared to head back down to 3's. Both Gavin and I got into the truck, and that was when Gavin said, "Oh no! I forgot my gloves!"
That was when I realized that I, too, had forgotten my gloves, so both of us leapt down from the truck and went back into the shed to fetch them. Gavin couldn't find his right away, but mine were on the counter close to the door, so I just picked 'em up and exited the shed with Gavin trailing behind me.
By this time, Rachel had already started moving the truck away from the shed. The doors were still open from when Gavin and I left to get our gloves, and I'm sure Rachel knew that we were on our way back out, so she was driving very slowly. I thought this would be a great opportunity to look daring and cool by running up next to that open door and hopping into the moving vehicle. I would simply have to reach out, grab the little arm-handle-thingy, and leap up so that my foot could reach the little step just under the door and voila! Just like Indiana Jones!
So I did just that. I ran up next to the cab, caught hold of the handle-thingy, and leapt up onto the step. Everything worked out just as I planned, and for a brief moment I felt SO COOL. I just jumped into a moving vehicle, just like one of the guys! And it was all done so smoothly and flawlessly...
Then Rachel decided to stop the truck. I suppose it was a smart idea, seeing as Gavin was just now exiting the shed. The problem was she stopped VERY quickly. As the cab pulled to a stop, inertia lurched me forward and suddenly I felt the jarring impact of my body against the car door.
The next thing I remember was laughing like crazy. Gavin was now right behind me, also shamelessly laughing in this tiny high voice like a four-year-old girl. I heard Rachel say, "I'm sorry, Hannah! I must have stopped to quick!" Then Dan said, "That has got to be the funniest thing I've ever seen."

I just thought I'd record that little blurb for my own sake. I know someday I'm going to need a pick-me-up and this would be a great one.

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