Saturday, October 30, 2010


Yesterday at work, Gavin and I were hauling tarps-full of leaves to the truck about an hour before the shift ended. We were returning into a quad with an empty tarp to see two little boys, who had found our rakes lying beside a giant pile of leaves. They had picked the rakes up and were proceeding to rake the pile. The rakes were about twice as big as they were.
My first thought was, "Are they allowed to do that? How are we going to get our rakes back?"
But Gavin said, "That's so cute!" and he went over and started to talk to them. "Are you guys raking our pile? Wanna help us?"
But I was so embarrassed because I really didn't know what to say or do with those two little boys. I had no idea what to say to make them laugh, how to tell them which way to rake, anything! I was absolutely speechless. I'm sure Gavin noticed, because I usually talk quite a bit. But really, witht these kids, I had absolutely no idea what to say and how to do things around them.
But I still found lots of joy watching the others interact with the children. The others came over and we jumped in the pile with them once it was raked onto the tarp. Then we gave them a ride in the tarp over to the truck. The smallest boy -- probably only three years old -- was a little nervous to get into the tarp with his brother. But then he looked up at our encouraging faces and that was when I could see the excitement well up in his eyes and he couldn't contain how excited he was to go for a ride.
Gavin really surprised me. It was so cute, what he was doing with those kids. He'd say funny things and show them which way to rake and he'd actually talk to them. He's better with kids than I am?? And I gotta say, it was pretty hot. No joke, a man who does well with kids is definitely a gem... But then I think about what he said as we approached the two boys at the very beginning.
"It's kind of sad to say that a guy is better with kids than a girl is, but unfortunately, I think that is the case here."
But I really am no good with kids! I wonder when those motherly instincts are gonna set in. It was rather embarrassing, not being able to do anything fun with Gavin and the little boys without feeling awkward. Gavin is so good at it... I'm jealous. Really.

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