Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Okay I am going to share with you something about which I am very very insecure.

It regards "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," so if you wanna skip this political, deep stuff and move on to some less controversial material, feel free. I'm not sure if I even want anyone to read this yet, anyway. This is an opinion in embryo here. It's likely to change, morph, perfect itself until it is full-grown and stable. But I often am better able to formulate opinions if I write them down. So here goes.

I'll present my ideas in a series of facts that may or may not have any structure or rhyme or reason to them.

FACT: I believe homosexuality to be a sin against God, one of the worst a person can commit. I believe it to be a perversion of one of the most sacred and wonderful experiences God has given to his children.
FACT: There is nothing any mortal can do or say that will make me change this belief. I believe God has told me this through his spirit and power of revelation.
FACT: I understand that not everyone believes the same things I do. Of course, I'd like them to believe the same things I do but I know that won't happen for everybody.
FACT: I also believe the Constitution of the United States of America is not only a morally sound document, but one that is appointed by God. I believe men were inspired by God to write it. I believe God wants us to defend it.
FACT: I believe homosexuality CAN be a detriment to our United States Armed Forces, but I also believe there are plenty of straight people in the military who do AWFUL, AWFUL things.
FACT: I believe God is the one who decides who should be punished and who should not.
FACT: Just because I don't agree with homosexuality DOES NOT MEAN I AM A "HOMOPHOBE" or that I "HATE" the gays. I RESENT ANYONE WHO EVER SAYS THAT ABOUT ME.

Now... here are some QUESTIONS:
If I believe the Constitution to be a sound and God-given document, how is it that there can be something in that document that is so AGAINST what God would have us do?
If I believe in equality for all, shouldn't that include people who don't believe the same things I do?
Does being a gay soldier really effect the morale of those in his/her unit?
Shouldn't sexual preference be a private thing anyway?
Does having gay soldiers in my unit mean I need to share a room with them, change in front of them, be provoked or ridiculed for my own beliefs by them? If I were to complain about these things, would that make me "HATEFUL" and "HOMOPHOBIC?"
How would God have me vote on this issue, if I were given the chance? Would he let me vote for equality and agency or would he want me to vote for inequality based off of morals?
Doesn't the government have a thing with separation of church and state? Should I even consider the religious reasonings behind things when I vote?
Aren't I supposed to put God first before everything... even if it is hard?

I am very confused. But I'd like you to take another look at the FACTS I presented. I may not know what political policies should be enacted in regards to gay rights, but I do know where I stand on whether or not I think they are immoral. And I think that's what truly matters to God.
I also think God knows what's in my heart, and he knows that my heart is NOT filled with hate, no matter how loud Lady Gaga screams that it is.

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