Wednesday, September 15, 2010

His Hair of gold, his eyes like Jade, but Most of All his HEARING AID.

Okay, so I'm in love with my deaf TA.
He doesn't hear a single thing I say
But David takes my breath away
David, my deaf TA....

We just had a nice long twenty-minute conversation about eating ducks, snails, and frog's legs, about Germany and how I love to kill people, and how he thought he was ugly and he broke mirrors. Unfortunately, I didn't know what ugly meant at the time so I couldn't tell him otherwise. I just smiled and pretended to understand him. Dangit. Should have asked because then I could have given him a compliment. I may not know how to say "ugly" but I DO know how to say "cute." UGH. I am SO FULL OF REGRET!

Seriously, I love him.
And seriously, if he hasn't picked up on that yet, he's blind. I was SOOOO red last night and said he could tell I was nervous.
I really like a guy who I only see once a month who can't even speak my language!!! OF COURSE I'M NERVOUS.

But overall, it went very well and I did learn a bit. Immediately after my conference with him, I went to the library and got an extra book full of sign language phrases. Next time I go in to sign with him, I'll be a pro.

Things going on today: I ask about work, I go to a Women's Chorus meeting.
Listening to: Nothing at the moment, but "David the Deaf TA" is now stuck in my head, which is quite pleasant.
Blessings: Cute TAs, Sign Language Class, a decent morning to sleep in.

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