Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mr. Gamauf

Back in ninth grade I liked this guy named Jake. (Yeah, I've liked a lot of Jakes in my life, but deal with it.) He was a real idiot, even in ninth grade, but I liked him anyway because he had this amazing red hair and he would tease me in science in a way that was more friend than foe. But that was really all that was good about him. He was only fourteen years old but he was already swearing and smoking and back-talking teachers, but I sort of liked the bad boy image.
Well years came and went and once high school started, I didn't see much of him. Apparently he got really bad grades so he was transferred to a different school. But he would ride my bus, tease the shorter kids, jeer at the busdriver, wreak havoc in the back seat, make out with his girlfriends, I don't know what else.
Now... I don't know what he's doing. But I do know that he's a total crackhead, or he makes himself look like one. I just checked his facebook page and all I saw was a bunch of cuss words and some crap about how wasted or blown he was. Not attractive.
My two conclusions:
1. Isn't it funny how people turn up in the end?
2. What did I see in him??

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