Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Just thought I might throw this in to start off my whole lyric-poetry thing:

So far, I think I'm calling it "You Were Wrong" but that is subject to change.
It's about Mike and Leah and how Mike is going away to college and I'll probably never see him again.

I told myself a thousand times
I needed to get over you
Then I told myself a thousand times again
I looked again at all your lies
Hypocrisies and the fits you threw
Then I told myself, 'Today's the day it ends.'
Then you look at me once more
And all the promises I made go out the door.

Did you think I could say no, did you think my heart could let you go
Even though you knew I loved you so?
Did you think I could move on, and did you think I could be strong?
Well I can't. You were wrong.

Your time to leave is finally here
I keep on begging for you to stay.
I cannot stand you leaving me
And though you gently wipe away my tears,
And you say that you'll miss me while you're away,
You'll never spend a minute grieving me.
You tell me things will be all right.
If that's true, how come I'm crying myself to sleep each night?

Did you think I could fill that hole, and keep my heart under control,
Even though you knew you held my soul?
And did you think that I could take your heavy baggage and never break?
Well, my dear, big mistake.
And did you think you could say my name and everything would be the same?
Did you think my love is just a game?
Did you ever think that when you moved away my love would end.
Well, my friend, wrong again.

Did you think you could walk all over me?
And while I'd kiss the ground before your feet
Did you think you could throw mud down on me
And I would never fuss or fight.
And did you think that I would worship you
And I'd die for you if you wanted me to
And did you think that you'd have all of me
If just once you held me tight.
Well you can. You were right.

Did you think you did no harm when you wrapped her deep inside your arms?
And you kept her warm?
Did you think I could maintain, did you think I wouldn't feel the pain.
Well, too bad. Think again.

And for so long you held me down,
I thought you had control somehow.
That's all changing now.
And now that you have come and gone
I'm learning how to be alone
And I found I have been all along.

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