Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Dark Tower Series

Okay, so two nights ago, I finished The Dark Tower Series by Stephen King. Pretty sure it was an AMAZING series! For any out there who have the patience to read over three thousand pages of material, this book is DEFINITELY for you. There were times when I could just FLY through one of the books because things were that suspenseful. My only criticism is the ending... not HOW it ended, but how SK didn't really lead up to it in the way I wanted. The end of an epic like that needs to be BIG... REALLY big, but King didn't really make it big. There were other parts of the books (eg. the Riddles on Blaine the Mono or the death of... well I won't give too much away) that I found more suspenseful, captivating, and poignant. The suspense level of the end was sort of a let down. (I felt the same thing with the end of the fifth book, "the wolves of the calla.") Still, I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend the series to any who want a deep story. And trust me, it's deep. I laughed, I cried, I jumped up and down. I also had nightmares... good nightmares, though. (Can you have a good nightmare? hmmmm...) READ THIS SERIES!!!

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