Wednesday, June 18, 2008

West Side Story

Alright, I've figured out what my favorite movie is.
West Side Story... the ultimate Romeo and Juliet... without the fluff.
Holy cow this is such a great movie!! The music... every song... brings this chill up and down my spine... I love the song "somewhere!" And holy cow! Tony is such a BABE!! Not just the actor (although Richar Beymer reminds me of this really cute guy I met this past semester, whom I'd like to call the Athlete.)... the character tony is unfogivably sweet!! Both Maria and Tony are just so cute!! I totally want to be in a couple like that one!! It's really sad that people have to die in the end, but I think that's what makes this movie so wonderful. You KNOW what's going to happen. You KNOW people die, but every time you watch it, you think it will end differently. You WANT it to end differently because you love the characters so much. True love always requires hope, I think. I could watch that movie forever... and cry every time.
And holy cow, the ending! It made me feel so angry at anybody and everybody who is at all racist! Look what racism, violence, and hate leads to! It ruins love!! It's evil! And this show makes me really see it. You don't quite get that feeling in the normal "Romeo and Juliet."
I'll be posting more about this movie/musical. It's just stuck in my head, and I need to let my feelings out about it!


  1. Who's this athelete character??? Do I know him?

  2. i shall never tell...
    I accidentally told one person and it was almost the death of me.
    It doesn't matter anymore. I probably won't see him again.