Tuesday, June 17, 2008


So yesterday I finished up my U of M testing and I got to get an MRI. It's like a giant magnet that takes pictures of your brain. It was about forty five minutes and for the first half hour I got to listen to the radio. (I remember hearing the songs "who knew" by pink, "paralyzer" by finger eleven, and "cool" by gwen stefani on KS95.) Anyway, it was really noisy and there were these times when I'd feel a little buzz in my head. That was just the machine "customizing" itself to fit my individual brain (every brain is different). I couldn't wear any metal in there, and it felt a little funny because of the huge magnetic field that was surrounding me. The last one was taking pictures of my brain "in resting." The guy told me I had to close my eyes and relax, but try not to fall asleep (how can you do that?) but I think I did. So did that mean I was supposed to fall asleep? Whether they wanted it or not, I began to doze a little bit. Almost too much. Afterward he asked me what I was thinking during the last scan and how long it actually took. I had no idea. I had forgotten everything... evertything, that is, except the thoughts I had about my old boyfriend, and i wasn't going to tell him THAT. So I just said I was thinking about friends from church. Hope that was enough.
So yeah. My brain was very healthy. Thanks goodness.


  1. you're brains healthy??? who knew? I jest.

  2. well.. It's healthy in a sense that it will keep me alive.