Monday, June 23, 2008

Trek Friends

Gotta tell you about a new guy I met this week on the Trek.
I'll call him the Mormon boy and he's so SWEET!! He told me I had a great spiritual gift of a good voice and he talked to me so much!!! And for once, he's a guy who's actually in my grade that I can see for a whole 'nother year!! Yay!
Other boys I met while on the trek:
The Songwriter, who is... obviously... a songwriter who loves church as much as I do. he's really nice, but is going to BYU next year. Too bad.
The Tickler. yes he tickles me a lot. I really think he likes me, actually. Which is funny because I don't necessarily HUMUNGOUSLY like him. I like the attention he gives me... plus he's really cute. But he talks about only things HE knows about... whether or not I care. I don't quite know what to think of him.
Mr. Every Hour -- a guy who has some problems in life, but was willing to go on the trek and I really admire that.
Be Still My Soul -- A guy in my company who is a recent convert who I also deeply admire. he's huge, but he's so sweet!!
some girls:
there's this girl named leslie who I won't bother renaming because she's moving soon and I won't see her again.. But she's also really cute and she really made me feel special on the trek.
The Roommate: What a cool girl. I was once really jealous of her but now I see the real her. She's strong and caring. Her dad is getting baptized! I'm so excited for both of them!
There are so many other friends I can hardly name them all! I loved this trek so much!!!
Once again... the Mormon Boy is SO cute!!!!

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