Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kung Fu Panda

Today I saw the movie Kung Fu Panda...

It was pretty good, for a Jack Black movie. I liked the turtle the best. He kind of reminded me of a robot... sort of. But he gave the coolest line: "Yesterday is history. Tomorrow's a mystery. But today? Today is a gift! That is why they call it the present."

And JACKIE CHAN is the MONKEY! How cool is that? And it made me want noodles... and peaches... real bad.

And the music of that movie was amazing. Of course it's by Hans Zimmer, so it's gotta be good. Zimmer wrote the Pirates of the Caribbean music too and yeah, it's pretty cool.

So the Mormon Boy is now a friend of mine on Facebook!! Yay!!!


  1. I didn't know Zimmer wrote the theme song to Pirates! He wrote most of the music in Spirit, though, and The Simpsons Movie. I think... Don't quote me on that....

  2. danny elfman did simpsons. I don't know about spirit, but I wouldn't be surprised.