Monday, February 28, 2011

My IMMEDIATE Reaction to Lady Gaga's Born This Way Video

This is exactly how I feel about it immediately after watching it one time:

What a gross orgy of flesh and crazy.  Does she honestly believe she's "birthed" a new race of non-prejudiced people?  That's a very arrogant statement.
Loving the skeleton-with-side-ponytail look.  Hate the fact that she's humping some random guy the whole time. What's the point.
LOVE the "cosmic madonna enthroned" look she's got going on.  If the whole video were THAT, I'd feel better.
I don't even mind when she's in nothing but a bikini and dancing.  It's just the bodies all over each other that freaked me out a bit.  And the way they did that kaleidoscopic thing.  It all felt so erotic.  Blegh.  This is NOT my favorite video by Momma Monster.
I didn't mind the manifesto spiel at the beginning, though I really think she's all talk.  Heck, I don't think she even wrote that little speech without some help from her robot friends she keeps so close to her.  For some reason, after watching this video, she doesn't seem as genuine anymore, and I don't quite know why.
I'm loving the ending.  That baseball, gap-tooth outfit she wore.  Totally reminds me of what she said about girls calling her Horse-teeth at school.  And then she rides off with the unicorn.  Good ending to an otherwise crappy, trippy, overly-erotic music video.

My ranking of Lady Gaga Music Videos as of Now:

-- Bad Romance
-- Paparazzi
-- Alejandro
-- Telephone (second half)
-- Born this Way
-- PokerFace
-- Just Dance
-- Lovegame (nobody likes this video.)

Despite my critiques... I'm gonna watch it again.

Listening to: Born this Way
Things Going on today:  Great interview with Dr. Broomhead, Bishopric FHE
Blessings:  Getting off work, teaching experiences.

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