Sunday, February 27, 2011

Grammys Part 2: Katy Perry

Katy Perry, the princess of pop, had an ongoing valentine theme at the Grams this year.  She appeared on the Red Carpet in an evening dress designed by one of my favorites, Armani.  The bustier top is madewith Swarovski crystals, and check out the angel wings!!

Perry appeared with her very own Valentine, Russell Brand.

Her Grammy performance included her hits "Not Like the Movies" and "Teenage Dream."  During "Not Like the Movies," she included never-before-seen footage of her recent marriage to Mr. Brand.  She kept the amazing Armani coming, sitting in a giant swing.

I thought this performance was lovely and personal.  Katy sort of has this plastic doll-image going, so it was nice to see her do a number where it's a little more organic and a little less auto-tuned.

She said "Teenage Dream" went out to all the Valentine Lovers of the evening...

And she ended the night with.. yep, more amazing Armani...

Listening to:  Not like the Movies
Things Going on Today:  Church, fasting, cookie night
Blessings:  No snow.  

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