Saturday, February 26, 2011

Now I Feel Like a Real College Student

Thursday Morning:

6:45 -- Wake, print humanities assignment, fix paper jam, leave house five minutes late
7:58 -- Barely make it to the grounds office in time to hitch a ride from my boss, who is in a bad mood today
8:00 -- Begin work.  It's warm today, so begin right away.  Clear out leaves inside of 5's, lots of pods, tree rings, mud
11:00 -- Leave work early.  Walk to campus.  Buy Subway (the only meal you will have until past 9 PM).  Guzzle lunch over New Testament Homework.
12:00 -- New Testament
1:00 -- Library.  Find books on Winslow Homer.
1:35 -- Humanities.  Turn in assignment.  Take copious notes.
3:00 -- Women's Chorus.  Show tonight, so Sister A's giving you a beating a bit.  Also worked with new guest conductor, which felt weird but refreshing at the same time.
4:00 -- University Chorale.  More singing.  Leave five minutes
5:25 -- BOOK IT home.
5:40 -- Five minutes to change into women's chorus garb, grab a piece of toast, and snag your music, makeup, earrings, and socks.  Don't even bother with nice hair.
6:00 -- Call time for Women's chorus performance.  Organ doesn't work right away, so now Sister A. is really pissed.
6:15 -- Twenty minutes to find a bathroom and do makeup and maybe straighten up my hair a little bit.
6:35 -- Warm-up with women's chorus.  More singing.  Go through all our pieces.
7:15 --  Perform four numbers.
8:00 -- Perform final number with combined choirs.
8:15 -- Head home.
8:40 -- Start that five-page paper that's due tomorrow.
9:30 -- Talk on the phone for way too long.
12:00 -- Still working on that paper...
2:00 -- Haven't finished the paper, but it's starting to snow and you know you'll get called within the next couple hours to go shovel it.  Sleep

5:30 -- Get the call.  Time to get up and shovel.  3 and a half hours of sleep.
6:00 -- Shovel for four hours.  First round, the snow is about a foot deep in some places.  It comes down really hard so you end up having to do the entire area twice.
9:45 -- Go to McDonalds
10:00 -- Head home, but realize that purse was left at McDonalds.  Get THIS CLOSE to having a nervous breakdown.
10:30 -- Purse successfully retrieved.  Someone brought it to the counter and they kept it for me.
11:00 -- Work on paper for another two hours.
1:00 -- FINALLY.  PAPER IS DONE.  Print it off.
1:30 -- Exhausted.  Take 45-minute nap.
2:30 -- Voice Lessons
3:00 -- Women's Chorus
4:00 -- Get home. Eat two scoops of frosting for dinner. Sleep.
5:00 -- Boyfriend Comes over.  Watch Community.
7:00 -- SLEEP on boyfriend's lap.
9:00 -- Wake, decide that I already have lost enough sleep that a few more late hours wouldn't hurt.  Go to boyfriend's house.  Watch Mystery Science Theater 3000 and talk until past midnight.
12:45 -- Finally go home.
1:00 -- Do homework
1:45 -- Go to sleep

6:30 -- Get a call.  It snowed again.
7:00 - 9:00 -- More snow.
9:30 -- Arrive at home...

Wow.  six hours of sleep over the span of three days.  I totally feel like a college student now.

Listening to:  Dutch.
Things Going on Today:  Worked.  Snow.  Bought Songbook for Voice lessons.  Emily's got a show tonight...
Blessings:  Snow Pants.

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