Sunday, February 6, 2011


Even when it's cold, I like to leave the white side of my baby blanket out in the open air for a while.  Then, when I press my face into the cool, yet soft surface, I get this sharp burst of pilly, cottony goodness.  As I breathe my warm air into the blanket's surface, the sensation grows smaller and smaller, so I move to a new section of the blanket to feel that cool burst of comfort again.  It's been that way forever.  I don't get that great blast sensation when the blanket is warm.  Warm is too passive.  Not as clean, not as sharp.  I much prefer my blanket cold and  buoyant, like a cloud.

Listening to:  "Amarantine" by Enjoy
Things going on today:  Church, I record my teaching session for the school of music, Mark comes home later tonight.
Blessings:  It didn't snow last night.  Chewing Gum on Fast Sundays when you're sick.

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