Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I like lists.

Things I like about having a Boyfriend... GO!

1.  He buys me purple flowers.
2.  I get to go to the zoo for free.
3.  I have a warm place to go after a long walk home in sub-zero weather from the grocery store.
4.  Hugs.  All the time. 
5.  Somewhere to sit in sacrament meeting without feeling awkward.
6.  Getting to brag to friends about how you are always having so much fun with him.
7.  Learning about cool new music and computer programming... more than I ever need to know about it, really.
8.  A good study help when you need to learn about classical music for a test.
9.  Funny roommates that I can actually call my friends now...
10.  A good example for my roommates and the boys they should be looking for as potential boyfriends.
11.  Thai food.
12.  A grocery store companion.
13.  A bit of testosterone present in the apartment never hurts. 
14.  I like touching hair and he lets me do it all the time.
15.  An excuse to kiss someone during a game of NERTS.
16.  A cute message on my phone when I least expect it.
17.  Amazingly nice thank-you texts after he leaves.
18.  Saying goodbye on the front porch at midnight.
19.  Decorating Harry Potter cakes and having him just do whatever I say when I need him to go get reeses peanut butter cups or something.  He doesn't even question.  He just goes.  How nice.
20.  Someone to talk to about anything.  A second opinion when I need one.  A word of good advice even if I don't want to hear it.  

Yup.  Gotta love him.  

Listening to:  "Little Secrets" by Passion Pit
Things going on today:  Dinner group at Julia's, bought my first blue book ever, Dr. Broomhead says I "speak from experience" when I answer his questions (????)
Blessings:  Indoor heating.  Academy Arms 13.  Pumpkin pie on clearance.  

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