Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I'm watching a really funny movie in English class called MeanGirls. It's an older movie that I've seen before when I was like fourteen, but it's hilarious to watch it as a highschooler because you relate to a lot more of the stuff you see.

Those Plastics are terrible. That one part when she calls the poor girls mom and pretends to be a teen pregnancy agent is terrible. And the way she cheats on boys... and girls. It's horrible.

I really like Kady's other friends... particularly the girl. She's really smart and has this perfect mix of drama and attitude.

But really, there aren't girls like either of those in my school at all. Everyone's really nice to each other. And no one's that dramatic about anything. Sometimes I wish there were people like that at my school for me to either a.) be a part of or b.) make fun of. People talk all the time about stereotypes and cliques, but really, when you're a senior, all the walls go down. You talk to pretty much everybody no matter what they look at or how smart they are or what activities they're in. Unless you're a total jerk or a total dweeb, people are generally nice to you. And even if you are a jerk/dweeb... jweeb... you usually find a little circle of jweebs to hang with. It's a very friendly environment. There's no real descrimination, and usually everyone gives you a chance. I have so many "popular" friends and I have plenty of "not-so-popular" friends as well, and we all get along.

Anyway... back to the movie.

I think Lyndsay Lohan was a pretty good teenage actress back then when she actually was an actress. She could go from this sweet and gentle new girl to the total jerkface prep in just an outfit change and a wink. Once upon a time she was a good girl... too bad. The only problem i have with her movies is how in them she always seems to have cool stuff... or hang out with people who have cool stuff. She has dramatic friends, dramatic episodes, amazing clothes, stereotypical high school experiences... very unrealistic. And it makes me jealous. I want to have that glamorous of a life, sometimes. Where my room is amazing and I have accessories for everything and I can freak out about boys like she can.

Speaking of boys...

That guy on the show? Jonathan Bennett? HOTTIE!!!

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