Saturday, November 1, 2008

Things My Drama Director has Done to Piss Me Off:

1. He makes everyone feel like they've done stuff wrong. He does not applaud those who do well, but he instead throws a blanket of criticism over everyone, hoping that the right people will take it to heart.
2. Individual stories that just get my goat...

a.) There's this sixth grade kid who plays the boy Tom in the show. He's so cute and he does so well with his lines and he's got such a cute little voice and he is just so innocent and perfect. All the students love him... too much. When my director was particularly angry, he brought the whole cast on stage and started yelling at individual people in front of everyone. He turned to that adorable good little kid and said, "You missed your cue. Why?" Of course the child couldn't answer, and so my director continued. He said, "Was it because you're so cute that none of the students can leave you alone? Huh? What's going on?" And believe me... It didn't sound nice, the way he said it. Then he said, "Don't let that happen again." I cried. That poor kid got yelled at because of something the cast did. Not cool.
b.) A woman in the cast missed a cue. Afterwards, my director turned on her in front of the cast and said, "You want to be assistant director for the next show, don't you? Well, your behavior sure doesn't show it. I don't understand how you can behave so rudely and still think you can get that position!" He said that in front of the WHOLE CAST. How mean is that? Not only was she embarrassed for missing her cue, but she was also embarrassed now because she could not get the position she wanted because of one mistake. Terrible.
c.) That same woman got yelled at just yesterday because she wasn't wearing her costume. My director said to her, "You will wear your costume, no matter how much you don't like it! I'm sick of having you not wear something simply because you don't think it looks good! How rude!" Well, the truth was that her costume was getting hemmed. She couldn't wear it because the costume ladies had it. My director jumped to a terrible conclusion and hurt that same woman even more. Horrible.
d.) There's this group of kids in our show that hang out a lot together. They laugh with each other and share inside jokes and make nicknames for each other by adding the word "Da" to the end of their names. It's really cute and they are very nice people. But sometimes they just chat too much, and they get in trouble on occasion. Well, My director just a few days ago gave them a group name: "The Das" and he said that everyone in that group should watch their back or else they'll never get into any shows. "They're like a fatal disease... 'The Das'..." How rude is that? Not only does he group a bunch of kids together and say that they're ALL the problem, but he calles them diseases! Rude.

3.) He expects too much of us as a high school theater. He demands perfection, and if he doesn't get it, he yells. And he uses fear as a tactic to get us to do what he wants. Sometimes it actually works. But most of the time, it just gets us mad and upset. He says things like, "You guys only have a week left to rehearse, and you need well over three to be ready to actually show this to people." Or he says, "This is not the show BHS should be putting on. This is terrible." and "Do none of you care? You're ruining this show!" He's so pessimistic! And when there are people in this cast who are trying very hard, it's difficult to hear such criticism.

I am hating this show. So much. I almost never want to do another show again because of this one. I don't do anything, and the things I do do aren't ever noticed or appreciated. The angst among the cast makes them grumpy and upset, and I hate all the drama. Plus there are about a hundred things I SHOULD be doing during that period of time! Grrrr.... I want this show to be over!!!

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