Thursday, November 27, 2008

A New Book and a Great Movie

So I haven't been on here in a while...

Because I've been struggling through The Host.

I FINALLY finished it.

It took me, what... four months?

The beginning and middle of that book were SO BORING!!! Actually, nothing happened in the whole book. It only got good when relationships started to form. I like Ian in general, and if he did anything particularly sweet I'd start to turn my pages more quickly, but other than that there was hardly any point in reading this.

Basically, Wanda was thinking the SAME THING the whole book. "I love Jared, but I love Ian! I love Melanie, but I hate her!! WHAT DO I DO!!??" There was really no action... no change. The ending was really good though. Although there came a point when I was kind of like, "C'mon Stephanie. Get this over with." I didn't really relish the book. It could have been much shorter and much more exciting. I really think Meyer doesn't do a good job captivating her readers.

Which is why I just can't believe that I'm actually reading Breaking Dawn.

Have I given you my Twilight Series speech? I don't think I have. I'll post that next. It explains everything. I feel a little quick to judge, seeing as I haven't read the last book or seen the movie. But from what I've seen, it just isn't worth all the credit it's getting. But I digress.

I already know how this book turns out, which isn't that disappointing. I wanna get to the lovey-dovey stuff. I, like other girls in this world, like to dwell on fantasy men for a time. I just wish it were done in more eloquent and captivating writing. Curse you, Stephanie Meyer, for writing such a good plot in such bad form!! *shakes fist*

I still want to see the movie, though, but only because ROBERT PATTINSON is in it. What a babe.

Speaking of babes in movies... I saw RED EYE yesterday.

Christian Bale, I think you've just been replaced.

Not that I don't think Christian Bale isn't drop-dead sexy, either... but he's not as... well... WILD as Cillian is. He's Irish *swoon* and he's just got this demonic creepy look about him. It's spooky! In Red Eye he was so... subtly evil. There's just this thing about how he looks at you and you get sucked into his eyes. He's so dangerous and mysterious. That's very attractive to me. :D I love him.

The story in Red Eye was okay... Cillian really made the movie. He was such a good killer... The girl was okay, but she seemed to only have one emotion... this uptight fear. I guess I'd feel that way too if someone came up to me and said he'd been following me for weeks and if I didn't do what he said he'd kill my dad and me... Yeah... I think I'd be scared too.

Whatever. Cillian is mine.

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