Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Simple Thing

You drove me home
That final night
I had a feeling things weren't gonna be alright...
You stopped the car
And looked at me
And saw the tears I didn't want you to see...

You gave a smile
I won't forget
The kind of smile I used to always regret
You then unlatched
My safety belt
Saying goodbye always makes my heart melt

You said so long
You silly thing
Turned on the radio and you started to sing.
I reached for you
I couldn't breathe
Rested my head so I could hear your heart beating
You gently touched
My mottled hair
I breathed in deeply and I knew you were right there.
You sang each note
I felt each word
It was the greatest sound that I had ever heard.
Suddenly I felt this funny feeling.
Something inside me sent me reeling.
This was such a simple, simple thing
But I couldn't leave you.
I didn't want to leave you.
Oh, I didn't want to leave you.

Forever passed
Then I woke up
A thousand nights of this just wouldn't be enough.
I want you close
Just want you near.
To sing that song I'd give forever just to hear.
Now it seems forever's come and gone
But I can still remember that same song
The song that spoke about a simple thing
And I want to find it,
I feel so far behind it.
Woah, I just can't seem to find it.

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