Thursday, November 27, 2008

Good things and Bad things about the Twilight Series

Okay... I don't like this series. Why?

1. Everybody's ranting and raving over it and i just can't hold something that is SO overly obsessed over very sacred. It's lost its value to me. When I was one of the only people who knew about it (2 years ago when my cousin Aubrey and friend Katie told me about the books) it was cool... but now that little amount of interest I had has had its season and now it's just annoying.
2. Despite what just about every teenage girl in America says, there are SO MANY BETTER BOOKS TO BE SPENDING YOUR TIME WITH!!! Right before I read the twilight series, I read the Dark Tower Series by Stephen King. Big mistake. The Dark Tower series was so good. Stephen King is SO GOOD. He's written for over twenty years. He's got the skills you just can't find in Stephanie Meyer. Ask anyone who knows anything about literature. There's just no comparison.Twilight is, basically, teen fluff. I know, I know, teen fluff does have its place. It's good reading when you just want something to entertain you or something to take you away. But oh my gosh, why all the manias about it! That's all these books are! Entertainment value!! You get these cardboard characters like Edward Cullen who just don't exist. Not only because he's a vampire, but honestly, have you EVER met a guy who would totally die for his girlfriend? NO!! They just don't exist in the teenage world!! I, for one, would like to read something that I can actually apply to my life... something I can learn something from.
All I learn from this book is how stupid guys are and how jealous I am of Bella, who isn't that great of a character either. The movie just makes my claim more obvious. What terrible acting!! Well, it was the best they could do. There's not much there to act.

Anyway, now that I've gone on and on about how bad twilight is, i want to say just a couple things about the books and movies I do find beneficial.
1. Stephanie Meyer is a mormon. Big deal for me, because I'm one too. Kinda cool that a member of my church could get this much publicity.
2. Vampires, of course, are an interesting topic. Her take on them is interesting. Not the way vampires were originally seen as at all, but interesting nonetheless.
3. Jacob Black. Realistic character. Worth reading about. New Moon is my favorite book out of the series simply because Jacob Black is the main guy.
4. More about New Moon: For those of you who have felt as if you could just die of a broken heart, this book's for you. I applaud Stephanie Meyer for portraying how painful it is to have someone you love leave you. To not be loved by the person you want to spend your life with. It's deep and agonizing. It explains first love, and first rejection, to a tee. Kudos.
5. Robert. Pattinson. So. HOT!!!!! I don't CARE how bad of an actor he is, or how bad of a singer (if that actually IS him singing "Never Think" on the movie soundtrack). He is gorgeous. I will go to the movie just to look at him forever.
6. Speaking of the soundtrack, it's pretty good. I like Paramore a lot, and Bella's lullaby is pretty and haunting. Alright. My point here is that I'm Tired of this series. If you're gonna spaz over it, spaz over it for the right reasons.

Don't give me this "Oh my gosh they acted so well" or "Oh my gosh Stephanie is such a good writer!" crap.... That's wishful thinking. You know as well as I do that there's much better stuff out there.

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