Thursday, November 6, 2008

Top 8 Reasons why Skirts are amazing

1.) They're things only a girl can wear, really. Think about it... out of both genders, girls are the only ones who have the option to wear a skirt and not totally break a social norm. Sure, I get it... guys wear kilts... and some guys wear dresses... but my POINT here is girls have an extra option, so why not take advantage of it!
2.) They keep you cool in the summer. There's air that can circulate around your legs that you don't feel when you wear jeans.
3.) They can keep you covered. For a girl like me, it's important to have things that are modest. Skirts often have elastic waists and extend below the knee, so I never have to be afraid of showing too much midriff or thigh. And for you girls out there who don't think modesty is that big of a deal, there are plenty of shorter skirts just for you...
4.) Because many skirts are drawstring or elastic waist, they can continue to fit you as you grow. That's always a plus... not having to get rid of the clothing you love because you've outgrown them.
5.) There's so much VARIETY... Escape the boring, humdrum life of denim and cotton... why not try silk or tulle? And then there's the COLORS... It's not often you see someone wearing amazing purple-and-blue paisley pants, but with a skirt, it's amazing! Some can be poufy, others can more fit to your body shape... There's so much to choose. And because of this variety, a skirt can go with basically any top.
6.) They are quite flattering. Sometimes, when I haven't exercised in a while and I want to cover up my big legs, I wear a skirt.
7.) You can wear cool high-heeled shoes with them. With pants, the shoes get covered up... with shorts, it's like "HEY, SAILOR!" Skirts are perfect.
8.) They twirl when you spin :)

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