Thursday, April 1, 2010

You Deserve the VEST...

Originally posted on Outward Expression.

You know what they say: Be the VEST you can be...
Okay, puns aside, this is really the VEST I can be... as in, This is the VEST that IS me. It's such a simple thing: Tan vest from (the now extinct) Timbuktu Station. If you see it on a rack, you don't really see the potential in such a simple item. I always thought flesh tones were boring. But with a few other pieces, this thing really adds a tastey authentic flare to an ensemble.

I use this vest mostly for my hippie looks. It provides a nice earthy quality that goes well with the flower-child look. Plus it's got these amazing pockets and nice pearly buttons.

Timbuktu Station was bought by Maurices a while ago. My mom was going to get rid of this vest but I rescued it from the Goodwill box.

Peace out!

----- Hannah -----

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