Monday, April 26, 2010

Home again home again

I am home, at last.

Very glad to be, too. I already have reunited with so many great friends that I have missed so much.

Of course, it is absolutely wonderful to see my family again. Particularly my sister. She's going to prom next week with a senior guy that I actually have gotten the chance to befriend. I totally approve. Her dress is amazing. Mom made it. It's a teal blue color with some amazing fold action around the waist that makes her look so goshdarn skinny and beautiful. I am so excited for her.

My goals for the summer:

1. Look for a job
2. Teach these two girls in my ward piano
3. Bike ride a lot to keep my weight down
4. Transcribe all of my songs
5. Do some fun art project or another: A scrapbook, a collage, something cool.

Seems like some pretty good goals.

Listening to: MGMT "Time to Pretend"
Things going on today: Family Home Evening (I'm planning it), Visit Fisher during Showcase practice, maybe go shopping with my sister.

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