Monday, April 19, 2010

They have TAKEN ME

Finals are upon me again.

Sociology: Okay
New Testament: Ew

I will be studying quite a bit so I won't be online for a while.

But before I leave you, a dream...

I sort of took this as an "end of the world, second-coming dream" even though it was narrated in my head by Adam Sandler. I went into this floor of the BYU Library with all these golden shelves and cool display flat screens and I came across this book that sort of came to life on a screen as I opened it.
Cue Adam Sandler: "This is how the world will end.

The people of God will build him a house."

And suddenly, I was there, with my sister, in a Dali-esque blue plane of a feild, building a house, brick by ugly gray brick. These bricks were huge... At least five feet across, so we had to lift them together. There will other people with us, of course. Lots of other happy, smiling LDS members, building this giant house out of gray castle bricks.

Before I knew it the house was done. Cue Adam Sandler again:

"And when the house was complete, then came God back into the world."

We build this house with a peaked roof and a skylight at the top. We all looked up, crying tears of joy and I saw this brilliant light appear in the skylight. I held my sister's hand. The light overcame us all...

The end.

Hmmmmyeah. Back to studying.

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