Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Past Journals...

If you haven't noticed, I've been reading through all my childhood diaries.
I have changed SO much, but there are still many things that have stayed absolutely the same. For example, I am STILL the overdramatic and selfish person that I was in junior high. Maybe not at such an extreme level, and maybe I'm a little bit wiser about how I show it, but I still am. I am just as boy-crazy now as I ever was back in middle school, although I never go so far as to say some of those things I shared with you on my last post.
The point is, I still got a lot of growing to do. You can learn a ton from reading a journal. It's a good look inside what you found to be of value in your life at that time and circumstance. I just wish I had spent my time valuing something more worthwhile than just a few boys I would never talk to again or some weird punkis fashion statement I could never completely pull off.
I just finished summer 2004... moving on to Christine, which is all about David. I am bracing myself.

Listening to: Eyes As Candles, by Passion Pit. This song always reminds me of Schmordan. Too bad I'll never see him again.
Things that Happened Today: I applied at two places, JC Penny and Maurices. Also plan on applying for Payless Shoesource tomorrow online. Also watched Easter Parade. Great movie. I love Fred Astaire.

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