Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The End of Finals: My Discovery

Book of Mormon Final: 96 percent
Music Civilization Final: 98 percent

Why couldn't I do this in the classes that mattered?

Riciculous, maybe, but I was kind of disappointed with these scores, as well, to a degree. I studied with the intention of acing these tests. I studied and studied. I thought I knew everything, and it's always kind of disappointing to know that you didn't know EVERYTHING.

I have decided that there is an unwritten rule among test writers that says you MUST create an impossible question that no one can answer correctly. That way, no one gets them all right. Really, hundred percents just aren't heard of, even among the smartest people. A shame, really.

Listening to: GloZell (bruthuhplease!)
Things Going on Today: My roommate shelby leaves. I'm buying her an early birthday present this afternoon. Finals are OVER.

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