Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Few of the Lesser-Known Reasons Why Having a Boyfriend is So Great

So if you don't know yet, I have recently acquired a boyfriend.  And since I have made this acquisition, I have discovered a lot of really good uses for boyfriends -- and not just the kinds of uses you expect, like how he pays for your movie ticket or gives you kisses.  Those are always nice, of course, but there are other things I didn't really take notice of until now...
So here it is.  My list of some great things that come with having a boyfriend.  It's an ever-growing list, I'm sure.

1.  Someone to serve.  One of my first resolutions I made after making the realization that we were dating was this:  To make his life easier in any way possible, big or small.  I got him a microwave a while back, and it felt SO GOOD showing up at his house and seeing him smile at the sight of it.  I've helped him with homework, lent him my printer, given him compliments.  He's always so thankful.  It's like a high.
Sidenote:  It's funny... ever since Boyfriend happened, I've had this strange urge to do... dare I say it this way?... domestic things.  Like make him food and clean his house and be a total girl.  And if you know anything about me, I'm not that kind of girl, normally.  Boyfriend has a strange influence over me that way.
2.  A greater appreciation for time management.  Now that Boyfriend is around, I naturally want to spend time with him.  But that can only happen if I have finished all the things I need to do, first.  Homework, shower, clean, work, then Boyfriend.  I kid you not, I have never EVER gotten things done so fast in my LIFE.  I get all my homework done, and even get ahead (gasp!) before six o'clock every night.  And I even usually have time to take a decent shower, look nice, clean a little...  It's great!
3.  Boyfriend knows a ton about movies.  I've seen more films in the past month than I've seen for the whole rest of this year.  Avengers, Chronicle, Waiting for Guffman, my first Mission Impossible movie... The list does go on. We have a growing list of movies I haven't seen that I need to see.  And he has a lot of random facts and trivia about movies swimming around in his head, and on a rare occasion, he's willing to geek out in my presence and I gain a lot of film-major insights.  The same thing happens with baseball, male hygiene, and Bob Dylan.
4.  I now have a reason to wear perfume.  Boyfriend is a little more smell-conscious than I have ever been.  If I can't appreciate the aroma of perfume and body spray, maybe he at least will.  The same applies to shaving my legs... I never saw the point, but now I think it's worth investing time into that activity, for his sake.

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