Saturday, May 26, 2012

Some Memories

Driving to School early in the morning in Mike Sanderson's car with Annabell and Nick.  Mike would always listen to the morning show on 93X Radio.
Speaking of 93X, listening to that station in my room on a Summer's day.  I remember hearing Evanescence's "Call Me When You're Sober," as well as StoneSour's "Through the Glass" and Three Days Grace, "Animal I have Become."
Watching the entire series of Bones in my room until four in the morning one night, when I was home for the Summer in Minnesota after Freshman year.
Running up and down flights of stairs for Gym class with Kellie Dexter in eighth grade.  I hated gym.
Running around and smiling at everyone after my High School graduation.  The grass was dry.  Elizabeth Klebenow said it looked like hay.  It was slightly overcast and very windy.
The ninth-grade lock in, trying to catch a glimpse of Jake Gamauf wherever I went and sometimes going down to sing karaoke in the choir room.
Watching Clue with my theater friends in Wes's basement.
Storytime at Barnes and Noble, back when it was in that strip mall by Toys R' Us.  My favorite lady at Storeytime had short red hair, smiley wrinkles, and big glasses.
Having the Stratmans show up at my door one day.  Aaron said, "We're not here to play."  And then Shannon said, "We're just here to deliver a table."
Talking to Ingrid on the bus about how a bag of some sort of snack said it had both natural AND artificial flavors.  We wondered how that could even be.
Having this girl named Chelsea complain about her boobs as we changed into our pajamas one night, after she invited herself to sleep over at my house.
Turning up "Poker Face" as loud as possible as I drove my jeep out of the Senior Campus parking lot.  In front of Jack Lassonde.
Learning the word "pusillanimous" in my tenth-grade English class.  Ms. Sadar always wore clothing that reminded me of the "avant-garde."
Singing a high G on a thursday morning as the Singers n' Swingers sang "Let there be peace on earth."  Ms. Bakken said, "Good job, Hannah."
Senora Walls teaching us Spanish back in elementary school.  Whenever a certain part of one of the songs came on, she wagged her head around, and her big hair would whip back and forth.
Wearing Caitlyn's multi-colored skirt to Provo church one day, and feeling uncomfortable about how short it was, and how I would have rather worn her big green flowy skirt.
Talking with my mom about politics until we were both crying in the unique parking lot.
Watching the first ten minutes of the movie "Easy A" with Mark before turning it off.
Having Jeramy and Ashley sing the "Happy Happy Hannah, you look like a Banana" song.
Sitting with Liseth Flores and Allison Oatley at lunch in seventh grade.
Making chocolate pudding with Ellen.

Listening to:  Aubrey Growling.
Things Going On Today: Boyfriend.
Blessings: Orange Juice.
Learned:  A little about the Salt Lake Temple building structure.

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