Sunday, April 10, 2011

When You're Dreaming with a Broken Heart

I had a dream last night.  I know it's not Friday, but I'm bored and in a typing mood, so here goes:

I dreamed that there was some election going on.  It took place in the basement of a gymnasium somewhere... looked a little like my old high school, where there's a ramp that goes down into where the basketball stadium is.  All along the wall of that ramp, there were campaign posters for people who wanted to be president of something.  The only two people I for sure recognized were Rachel and Jeremy, two people from my ward right now.  I don't think I've ever really talked to either of them in real life.  Anyway, they were co-campaigning.  According to a little sign, the voters were supposed to get a piece of paper, rank it 1 thru 4, and fill in the names of the people we liked according to how we ranked them.  Because I didn't know any of the other candidates, I just randomly put in whatever names I saw for slots 2, 3, and 4 after I put Rachel/Jeremy in number 1.  Then I went farther down the ramp and there were little cans set up on shelves for different acts or levees that were proposed.  We were to drop our spare change into the cans, and whichever ones could raise the most change money would be passed.  I saw Zack down there.  He was putting nickels into a green can, though I don't know what the can was for.

Suddenly I was at an airport.  You know those giant lobby areas where people move in and out and there are little overly-priced restaurants and gift shops all around you?  Yeah I was in that kind of a room at the Colorado airport, which I visited last year on my way home from Utah for the summer.  I had a layover there.  Anyway, I was in a space like that, but I don't know why.

The dream changed again.  Now I was at a BYU field down by the RB, with some friends. We were supposed to be playing softball, but due to some complications and some late arrivals, we weren't starting right away.  I remember this guy named Robert (he's in my ward too).  He was showing me how to slide down banisters.  He could do cool flips and twists as he slid down, and I wanted to try too.  But suddenly Robert needed to go over to the supply room for a moment.  I followed him and when I got there he was crying in pain.  His hand had been injured somehow.  So I held his hand while he cried.  It was a sweet moment (sweet... except I hardly know Robert at all in real life.  If he were to find out about this dream it would probably be really awkward for the both of us).  I just sat there, mending his wounds and being all girlfriend-like to him and everyone kept passing by and asking us if we were dating.  I kept saying no, we aren't.  I was just making him feel better.  No one believed me.

Then this guy named Rusty showed up.  In real life he was the RA for Broadbent hall Spring semester.  I thought he was cool, good dating material.  I hadn't seen him for a long time until very recently when I ran into him at Smiths, and that was a very awkward reunion.  So maybe that's why he was on my mind.  But he showed up in the dream and his nickname was "The Dantom Phantom."  No idea why he was called that, but everyone talked about him that way.  He showed up and told me I wasn't in the proper uniform to play softball, and until I got changed, I couldn't play.  I thought that didn't make any sense, because even as I spoke to him about it, Emily was over on the field already in her little green floral skirt, tights, and tan heels.  No way could you play a hard-core game of softball in that getup. But he wouldn't listen to me.  I felt like I was at work, I needed to wear my jeans and sweatshirt that I always wear when I go to Wymount in the mornings.

Yeah, silly dreams I guess, but I just want to express how funny it is, the people who end up in my dreams.  They are sometimes the most obscure references for me...

Listening to:  Typing.  Which is very fun to listen to when you're on a roll like I am today.
Things Going ON Today:  Probably some visiting teaching, and I think a friend is stopping by to pick up some CDs she needs for a Howard Test.
Blessings:  A shower.

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