Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's Friday Friday Gotta Get Down on Friday...

Actually it's not Friday.  It's Saturday.  But I do have a dream for you and this one's a doozie!

So I can't remember where it started, but a friend of mine -- Jake --  from freshman year was at my house back home in Minnesota.  I haven't seen him since Thanksgiving, but he's been in a lot of my dreams lately.  His parents were there.  They told me to lie down under their car while they ran over me.  I saw them doing it to Jake earlier and he turned out just fine, but I was still scared.  It took some egging on from his parents before I let myself sink down under their big SUV-sized car. I watched the bottom of the car move above me.  The wheels didn't crush me and it didn't really hurt, but I could definitely feel the pressure on my stomach.  It was like someone was stepping on me, sort of.  Jake was really proud of me, though, for doing it.

Then the dream changed and suddenly I was in some bleachers somewhere before a big event.  I couldn't tell what the event was, but I saw some women's chorus girls there, and my mom, who was talking to a guy in a deaf band (don't know how that one works...).  I was able to talk to him in sign for a little while, about brothers and sisters or something like that.  I recognize all of the signs that I used in the dream.  He looked kind of cute, in a young boy sort of way. His hair was long and straight and almost covered his eyes, and when I saw a picture of them in a newspaper, I noticed that they all looked like that except with different hair color.  I also read in the newspaper that they were opening for Lady Gaga, which made me excited.

Then I went outside and and noticed dusk was setting in.  My roommate's friend Madison was there, planting cheerios, saying they were seeds.  Everyone laughed at her at first, but after a while some popular kids I knew from high school actually started to believe that the Cheerios were seeds and started planting them too.  I laughed at their folly and set fire to all the cheerios.  Now there were a bunch of green flames sprouting from the ground.

The dream changed again.  Now I was in a garage with my roommate's friends girlfriend, Jenny.  It's the kind of garage you would see at a car repair shop, with a bunch of doors next to each other.  She was hiding from someone... someone was chasing her?  I didn't really care if she got caught one way or the other, I was just riding along.  She kept going in an out of each of the garage doors.  I wasn't quite sure what that would accomplish, but I let her do it anyway.

Yup...  I wonder what Freud would think about all this.  He'd probably think I felt sexually pressured by past loves.  My list of past romantic experiences isn't long, but it does include Jake and Jenny's boyfriend.  There also may be this subconscious fear I have with upcoming ASL exams, which I need to ace in order to get an A in the class.  Thus, I sign in my dream.
He might also say that I am suppressing a deep desire to be in the in-crowd.  Madison and those popular kids throwing cheerio-seeds may represent to me the "popular group" that I subconsciously wish I was a part of.  But don't I try to reject what they offer by burning their seeds?  I'm confused at my own self-conscious...

Listening to:  Nothing at the moment.
Things Going On today:  Emily's show, humanities test, ASL video, and a singing recital.
Blessings:  It didn't snow hard enough for me to have to come in to work.  Praise be.

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