Monday, April 18, 2011

Judas Priest!

I suppose you'd like to hear my opinions about Lady Gaga's new song JUDAS which was leaked (on purpose?) a few days ago.  I just gotta say, it's like another Bad Romance.  And that can be both a good and a bad thing.  I guess you could say she's sticking with what works.  Judas is just as -- if not more -- catchy than its precursor, Bad Romance.  But does it have to be SO MUCH like Bad Romance?  You could basically play the two songs on top of each other and they will coincide perfectly with each other, down to the "AH-AH"  hooks, the "Oh" interludes, and the climactic four beats of tacet instrumentation as she wails out some epic line.  I also can taste a little PokerFace in there, too.  I mean "I'll bring him down, bring him down down" isn't too far from her "I'll get him hot, show him what I got" from 2009.  I'm beginning to worry that Lady Gaga's becoming a one-trick pony, which is quite a shame, because she shows such promise.  I read one review that summed it up rather well; Gaga's beginning to show her true colors as one who favors style over substance.  Not only is the tune a copy of her older works, but the lyrics seem very thrown together.
It's funny, but I feel like this song is too mild for all the publicity she gave it before it came out.  She ran her mouth about a "cultural baptism" and made a point to show all the religious imagery in the song.  But when you listen to the actual song, there's not much for even the most staunch Bible-thumper to take offense at.  Sounds to me like she's just romanticizing an abusive relationship (sadly, this is becoming a common theme among lady pop artists these days.  Rihanna's S&M?  Katy Perry's ET?  What ever happened to female empowerment?)   Gaga has made a ton of waves by eating a rosary and wearing a cross in provocative places in her Alejandro music video.  I expected this song to keep pulling in the offensive direction, but these lyrics are in no way offensive or profane.  Judas is a bad boy.  That much is certain.  But do we need the slapped-on religious undertones that carry hardly any sting whatsoever?
Once upon a time, I thought Lady Gaga was going to be here forever, like Madonna and Elton and Queen and the Beatles.  Now, I'm not so sure.  All of the revolutionary antics she did for Fame Monster are beginning to quiet down in this sophomore album, and that's usually where the ultimate test for survival in the music world is.  Here's hoping she'll pull through.

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