Saturday, April 16, 2011

List of Complaints:

Things I have to worry about:

My computer screen cracked.  Fortunately, I have this monitor from like 1999 that keeps me alive.  I've talked to my Dad about a new computer, but he didn't necessarily respond in a way that makes me sure I'll get one for my birthday.  Even if he does, my birthday's a very long time away.  It's almost may, and my birthday's in September.  Maybe I can get one while my parents are in town.  *siiiiiigh*

Another epic problem I have to look forward to:  Classes next year.  I haven't even had time to write a victory post about how...
Before I had to face the first major hurdle of my acceptance:  The class load.  As my boyfriend wisely put, now that I'm in their program, the music ed department thinks they own me.  I'll be taking 26 hours of school to fill the 14 credit hours I need to keep my scholarship.  26 hours of school.  And how much time does that leave for work?  Well I've counted it out, and if I stay in women's chorus instead of go to Concert Choir (which would be a sad thing to give up...)  I'll be working... 14.5 hours.  Yikes.  That's a lot less than what I work now...  Will I break even and afford rent?

Speaking of money, I found another problem:  Voice lessons?  They're 380 dollars.  How can I afford those?  I can't!  But I need those credits...  Suck.  How am I going to work through this?

Mark mentioned something I hadn't thought about:  Obviously God wants me to be here, doing what I'm doing.  Maybe I should keep trusting him like I did before, and He'll bless

Speaking of God....


Listening to: See above.
Things Going On Today: My Boyfriend's birthday, Tucano's, Humanities Final (which I'm sure I'll do just fine on.)
Blessings: My boyfriend.  Free food.  Tests I know I'll pass.

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