Thursday, December 31, 2009



1. I want to marry someone like him. His way of thinking is amazing. He's almost crazy, and I like it. I love his scenes when he deduces and analyzes his opponents -- the scenes where he sits and watches flies buzz around in a glass -- the scenes where he sits and analyzes Watson's future wife -- the scenes where he just keeps his intellectual cool in any situation. I love it.

A friend of mine hates this movie. He says Holmes is too much of an action hero in this film. I really don't think so. Sure, he's place in active situations, but the way he responds to them is in no way like the stereotypical action hero.

2. That time period was like the high life of the human ability. Everyone -- rich and poor -- was using every ounce of talent and thought and intelligence that they had. It's a romantic time.

3. The screenplay of this movie was dark. There was very little color in the whole thing. I love how moviemakers can create a habitat for viewers like that using just color, lighting, and camera motions. Costumes were also amazing, too.

4. Good casting. I wasn't totally distracted by how cute the male actors were, which is a problem I have in movies like Batman and Phantom of the Opera... Robert Downey Junior is an attractive fellow, but I was too busy listening to what HOLMES -- not Robert -- was doing and saying. That's wonderful.

5. Sequel? I hope so. But not right away. People need to relish this movie, first.

6. I should read these books... apparently they're amazing. I never really read a mystery novel before. Not like this one. Not with clues and deductive reasoning and non-omniscient perspective.
7. Sure wish he actually played the violin, though. Maybe next movie....

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