Friday, December 4, 2009

Heels on a three-year-old?

Katie Holms doesn't see a problem with adourning her three-year-old daughter Suri in inch-heel shoes, but many health professionals say it could be detrimental to a growing toddler's development. The shoes can cause foot problems like bunions and bent toes in the future. Plus, kids that young have feet that just keep on growing, which can accelerate foot maladies. For me, the worst thing toddler heels can do is lead to accidents among toddlers still trying to get a feel for their balance.
Once in a while, it's fun to dress your girls up, but apparently this has gone on for a while.
I dunno, Katie.
What worries me more is the Starbucks cup in her hand.

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  1. there was another photo in the msn.entertainment tabloids today! heels and a cancan dress... dress ups are great, aren't they?