Thursday, December 31, 2009

Two Good CDs...

1. Rob Thomas -- Cradlesong
An excellent combination of intriguing lyrics and a great musical setting. Rob Thomas speaks from the heart, almost conversationally, about things he cares about, like family and getting over trials. And there are just great tunes!! He has a way with influencing people without being overpowering. I'm loving "Give me the Meltdown," "Snowblind," and of course his singles "Her Diamonds" and "Someday." Good easy listening. Good car music. Good work music.

2. Killers -- Day and Age
I have this feeling of moving forward when I listen to this CD. It's very emotionally progressive. The sound of Brandon Flowers' voice and the almost placid melodies behind a hard rock sound is almost haunting and restless. Some people can listen to the Killers and get preoccupied. I can't. Killers -- particularly this CD -- takes up all parts of your brain, even parts we don't always use. I'm loving "Spaceman" and "This is Your Live" and of course "Dustland Fairytale." You should see them perform these songs live. Epic.

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