Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Diane von Furstenberg

Okay so I was looking up celeb stories for this blog (as a good shoe blogger should do), and I saw an ad for Neiman Marcus on, and I was quite intrigued so I clicked on it and MAN ARE THESE DIANE VON FURSTENBERG SANDALS are AMAZING. Heeere they aarrrreeeee!!!!

Opal Crisscross Wedge Sandal -- $295.00
Seems rather comfortable as well as stylish...

Lady Love Knot Sandal -- $295.00
I'm really digging the celtic knot designs on this shoe. Very springy!

Luxe Strappy Runway Sandal -- $295.00
I really like this one. Anything with the word RUNWAY in the name has got to be fabulous.

Naomi Sequined Flat Sandal -- $180.00
These are not particularly my style, but they're very in right now and I do like the colors.

Oasis Strappy Wedge -- $310.00
Once again, very happy colors. Like this one a lot.

Love Knot Flat Sandal -- $165.00
Once again, nice celtic knot action going on this flat sandal...

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