Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ice Skating

I went ice skating last week and it was really fun. So I thought I'd blog about it... :D

I am from Minnesota, but I never really skated much. We bought some old ice skates from goodwill or play-it-again and most of the time they just gathered dust downstairs in the basement. But the city did fill up some hockey rinks around the neighborhood that we could come and skate for free in, and so we'd do that sometimes. I also took skating lessons at the city rink, which really didn't help much but it was an experience to remember nonetheless.

Anyway, out here at Seven Peaks there's a free skate evening on saturdays, so me and my roommates went and just skated around.

I felt like I was pretty good by the time the night was over. That's the thing about skating. The beginning you're terrible, but you get progressively better as you keep going. Soon I was skating circles around a few of my friends. The skates were ugly rental ones, though, and they made my feet look big and my ankles hurt. My roommate Arianne accidentally fell and hit her head really hard... but she was okay. Ashley needed someone to hold hands with her as she went. I spent time with her at the beginning and then Jeramy spent time with her at the end. Shelby was just good right off the bat, and Chad and Ellen were so cute skating together. I can't wait til I get to hold hands with someone on an ice rink.

My favorite part about skating is picking up a lot of speed and then just gliding at ten miles per hour and it feels so exhilirating!! Ah, skating. A good thing.

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