Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Okay so I once had a blog that was meant for the purpose of recording feelings, impressions, ideas, thoughts, other things of that nature, but it transformed into a media critique site where I just wrote about my favorite bands and movies and didn't really include anything extremely thought-provoking or contemplative... things I need.
I keep a written diary. That's where I keep personal names, specific events, and private feelings. This is more the realizations that come when I think back on those things. These are things I feel like I should share, anonymously, to the world. I know no one's gonna really care much about what a nineteen-year-old girl like me thinks. There are millions of blogs out there. Heck, this is my fourth that I alone have to keep track of. But I just don't feel comfortable writing about death or happiness or individuality or other more emotional topics on the same blog that I'm talking about how good Avatar was. Just doesn't feel right.
I still encourage you to check out my blog "A number of things" where I just write about whatever cool stuff is out there in the world to write about. You'll find all the fun websites, pictures, and reviews there.
I want you to keep in mind, as well, that I am a deeply religious person. Pretty much every decision I make is based off of my belief in God's reality and his love for me. If you've got questions about Mormons at all, feel free to comment and I'll do as best I can to answer them.
Anyway, no more of this intro stuff for now. I have some other blogs to update.

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