Saturday, January 3, 2009

I got a new Ipod for Christmas, and it is excellent. It's orange, but when I put a black sheath over it it looks really cool... sort of halloweeny. It's so thin. I'm surprised that something that tiny can hold two thousand songs... twice as much as my older, thicker ipod could hold. And the picture is so big, i can see the whole cd cover in it. It's very nice. My music just sounds that much cooler when it plays on this thing. And then I got a dock for it as well... subwoofer speakers with a remote that has a MUTE BUTTON!! yaya. that means no swear words. The dock's also got a cd player and plays the radio as well. the only thing it doesn't have is a tape deck, but that's fine. So yeah, those are my new toys for this christmas.

Thaddeus leaves on tuesday. he texted me at six thirty today to ask if I was back in town and if I wanted to go to ruby tuesdays. I couldn't because I have to work on this ridiculous government paper that I hate. ugh. But after I get some thoughts down, I'll close for the night and work on it tomorrow. yes. and then I'll double-check it monday before I turn it in. Noice.

I feel much more ready for school, for some reason, even though I still don't have orinoco done and i haven't written in my journal in a month and I have variety show, secret garden auditions, and work comin' up. yikes. but i'll muddle through, I guess.

This has been a ridiculously stupid post. But it was worth getting some thoughts down. Maybe I should be actually writing in my other journal.

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