Friday, January 16, 2009


Finals weren't bad at all this year.
Why? Well, I actually studied.
My experience this year with finals has taught me a few things:
1. Take notes. Lots of em. Even things you think you'll remember. Write as much as possible... particularly when your prof is giving a lecture about something. It's bound to be on tests...
2. Actually read your notes. Highlight the most important stuff. Then read through them again, except this time only the highlighted parts.
3.When studying for comprehensive finals, look for the big stuff. Major equations, main ideas, broad definitions.
4. Don't do facebook, talk to people, or anything when studying. Music should be playing quietly in the background. The television should be off. You need a place you can focus so things can sink in.
5. Cramming is helpful, but it's good to prepare early for this kind of stuff. A week before the final, start reading over stuff.
6. Finals are usually not as hard as they sound. You'll be surprised at how much your brain can recall.

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